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Learn about Metal Roofs


Metal roofs are available in a variety of different metal types.  Natural

metals, such as copper and zinc offer some of the most maintenance free

and longest lasting options, while pre-finished aluminum, steel, and

Galvalume offer semi-custom color availability.  Still more options exist

when we explore coated metal options like lead coated copper, terne

coated steel, and terne coated stainless steel.  Regardless of the metal

type, most metal roofs share a common versatility in applications. 

Metals can be bent and shaped into many profiles to fit virtually any

situation.  Lower slope on a roof may not p be appropriate for the use

of a shingle type product.  Weight restrictions may not allow for heavier

materials like slate or tile to be used.  Sometimes the combination of

metal and other roofing products helps to break up the monotony of

one single material type on a larger building’s roof.


Natural: Zinc, Copper, Terne Coated Stainless, Terne Coated Copper,

Pre-patinated Copper, Lead Coated Copper


Prefinished & Painted: Terne, Kynar Coated, Galvalume, Galvanized

Steel, Aluminum


Patterns & Styles: Flat Seam (roof & wall/ square & diamond), Standing

Seam (regular, curved convex & concave, tapered), batten seam, Cornice

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