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Roofing construction done right, with hand-crafted materials

A house is not a home until it truly reflects the personal taste and style of its owners. This holds true for the interior aspects of the house as well as the exterior. When you view the unrivaled warmth of natural materials it’s easy to see the reflection of a person with an appreciation for the unique.


Slate is wholly natural, not formed in a mold or stamped out of a pattern. No one piece can be identical to another. As a clay tile is produced, it can be glazed to give it just the right color for a home. Copper and zinc will eventually achieve a patina that is completely unique to the exact location of the building over which it lays. Other metals may be selected in a variety of pre-finished colors or custom painted in the old style of the endearing “tin” roof.


The materials Century Slate works with for roofing construction are often produced with a minimal amount of production line manufacture. Instead, the very raw materials are combined on-site as a home is built to reflect the homeowner’s individual style. It is often Century Slate’s favorite place to be, on the roof of a house being made into a home. It is there that an intimate collaboration between the homeowner’s taste, an architect’s vision, and a craftsman’s skill most purely come together.