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A building does not have to be a recognized place of interest nor an old house to need occasional attention. Slate and tiles can sometimes break. Storms may cause damage to roofs.  You may be in the process of adding onto your existing building.  In any of these instances there may be a call for matching the existing details and materials used in the original construction of the building. Century Slate has a vast knowledge of the materials and a network of relationships with manufacturers, suppliers, and other professionals that can help match new construction or repairs to that of the original construction details on a building.

Century Slate Employees Re-Roofing Wilson Residence Hall at Duke University

Century Slate owns a full line of cranes, scaffolding, and equipment for renovations

Some of our most rewarding work has been in the form of seamless integration of new components on a roof into an existing structure. Even slate and metal roofs eventually reach a point where their function fails. It may be because most of the materials are just too aged to keep the elements out or because only certain components are failing.

Century Slate’s estimating department is always glad to work with a client, to understand their needs and then make recommendations as to an appropriate plan for repairing a roof. Sometimes it’s a matter of flashing and/or fastener failure that is causing a problem with a particular roof. In these instances it may be best to just address the areas in immediate need. In other circumstances it may be necessary to remove all components of the roof, salvage the good ones (i.e. slate) and reinstall the good components with new underlayment, flashing and fasteners to provide an essentially new roof.

Century Slate Employees Fixing the Tile Roof on the Durham City Courthouse