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Slate, Zinc & Copper Roofing Specialists

Slate Roofing Installations

Creating a new roof installation from scratch is where a whole lot of the fun is. We get to start with a clean canvas and create our masterpiece. Century Slate enjoys working with architects, builders, and owners to make a one of a kind statement.  From the preconstruction stages of a project to the placement of the finial at the apex of the roof, each step of a new construction project is an adventure. 

Metal Roofing Installations

The many different architectural styles multiplied by the seemingly infinite combinations of materials for a new experience every time we set up a ladder. Each experience has one thing in common, the care taken during the installation.  It’s the details that make the difference.  Century Slate makes it a point to offer the highest quality materials coupled with the best practices during installation, so you know that your investment is going to last.

In the construction industry, as with most every other aspect of our lives, there are advances in technology. These advances are meant to better our quality of living.  Somehow it’s proven difficult to better the roofing practices of yesteryear.  How can you argue with a roof that is 100+ years old?  Whenever practical, Century Slate employs the methods and techniques developed and used by our predecessors from the past several centuries.  When they say “they don’t make ‘em like they used to”, we answer “Oh yeah?  We Do!”

Tile Roofing Installations


The Premier Roofing Contractor in NC For Gutter Installations in the RDU Area

The Century Slate Company specializes in Roofing with the very the best, high products. We mainly work with Slate, Metal Roofing (copper and zinc standing seam and flat roofs) and Tile Roofing.

Our experienced, talented craftsmen have been working with intricate roof installations for years and have the benefit of in house manufacturing by our sister company K&M Sheet Metal. We not only install metal roofs, but manufacture our gutter, roofing and flashing products, which allows us to go the extra mile for our customers, getting exactly what they need.

Although we're based out of Durham, in the Raleigh area, we also offer our gutter installation services in Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia  and Kentucky.

We work with the Best metal roofing products such as Rheinzink, Revere Copper, Aurubis Copper etc. Ludowici Tile and Vermont, New York and Virginia Slate.