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Gutter Installations


(Half Round Gutter and Plain Round Downspout with Hangers and End Caps)

Possibly one of the most commonly overlooked, but critical components

of a building is its gutter system.  Once a roof does its job of shedding

water, that water needs to be collected and conducted to the ground.

While some instances call for a celebration of this vital part of the

building others call for a inconspicuous means of serving the function.

Century Slate has solutions to getting water to the ground that meet

virtually any need.  Ogee style gutters can be found on many of today’s

new buildings.  Half-round gutters are reminiscent of old-world

architecture yet lend themselves to incorporation with some of the most

modern designs.  Custom designs to match any conceivable profile can

be created for a truly one of a kind look.  Gutters can even be built into a

structure to eliminate their appearance.


(Half Round Gutter, Conductor Heads, and Plain Round Downspout on Private Estate)

Century Slate chooses the best materials to provide long lasting function

of the gutter systems we build.  Hangers and brackets are made of

stronger design and composition that that of the standard gutter systems

available.  Hangers are properly spaced to ensure that when a gutter

contains its maximum volume, it stays fixed in its intended position.

Instead of using sealant that will only offer several years of service,

Century hand solders the seams, outlets, miters, and end caps.  This

provides for a whole system that will provide decades of service

without required maintenance. 



(Custom Built Copper Box Gutter on the University Methodist Church in Chapel Hill)


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