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University United Methodist - Chapel Hill, NC
University United Methodist - Chapel Hill, NC

Structures built with the intention of maintaining a single occupant for a

long time are often found to be constructed of materials that are capable

of offering extended service lives. Every year another class graduates

and is replaced by its underclassmen. Over time the faces in a

congregation change. A common identity between the generations that

pass through school halls or sit in the pews of a sanctuary can be best

kept safe from the weather using some of the simplest materials

on earth.

Slate, tile, and metal offer the absolute best value possible when it

comes to the materials available for roofing a building. Consider

that a slate may last 5 or more times longer than a typical shingle.

Consider that slate may cost more that a shingle does today, but how

much will shingles cost in 15-20 years when its time to replace them?

How about the next four times that they have to be replaced? When you

do the math it becomes evident that when a school or church has a

potential to last for hundreds of years there is no substitute for selecting

materials that will endure. In many instances slate, copper, and tile has

potential to last for 100 or more years. Shingles can’t match the modest

beauty that natural materials have to offer either.

About half the time ever spent on a roof by Century Slate’s employees

has been spent on the roofs of the regions universities, schools, and

religious facilities. Churches and synagogues all over Virginia and the

Carolinas regularly invite us back for their roofing needs. Such well

known schools as Duke University, the University of North Carolina

(at Chapel Hill, at Greensboro, and at Wilmington), North Carolina

State University, and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State College

all have multiple buildings on which Century Slate has preformed

significant amounts of work. Other schools such as the College of

William and Mary, the Wake Forest Baptist Seminary, and the Durham

School of the Arts call on Century Slate for their roofing requirements.


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