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Consultative Services

Because our materials are so highly specialized it may be difficult to

find information regarding such materials.  Obtaining this information

can be vital to one’s understanding of the construction process and

knowing what to expect.  To complement our practical application

services Century Slate proudly offers consultative services.  In

addition to our estimating services we also offer the following:

Budgeting Project Budgeting

Before you go to the bank and apply for your construction loan you

need to want to know how much the project is going to cost.  Century

Slate works with owners, builders and architects to accurately project

the costs associated with the roofing aspects of your building.

Itemized assessments make it easy to understand the costs associated

with the various components that eventually create a roof and/or

gutter system.

Scheduling Project Scheduling

A key factor in any construction project is scheduling.  The

management of Century Slate will work hand in hand with an owner or

builder to fill the scheduling requirements of any given project.  It helps

to keep an open mind about scheduling.  It should be well understood

that thorough care during installation of high value materials takes a

little more time.

Selections Materials Selections & Design Services

An owner may have the exact idea in their mind’s eye as to how they

wish for their building to look.  An architect may assist in rendering that

vision so that all may share in the understanding of what a completed

project will be.  Century Slate can offer samples, photos, and displays to

exercise the mind and in some cases introduce completely unthought-of

ways of achieving a desired look.

Value .Value Engineering

Sometimes the budget doesn’t allow for an owner to get exactly what

they want.  Century Slate will gladly work with a client to reign in the

costs and still deliver a high quality product.  Occasionally that means

a simple substitution of one material for another.  Other times a

radically new approach can satisfy the wishes of the owner.

Advice Roof Care Advice

When it comes to specialty roofing, special care is needed.  Because we

work with special materials every day, we know how to properly evaluate

their performance.  A failing roof may need minor repairs or it may need

to be completely replaced.  Century Slate will assess a roof’s condition

and offer the best advice possible as to how to care for your roof,

keeping in mind the owner’s intentions for a building and their budget.



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