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Our commitment to a high level of versatility has made us sought after in numerous commercial and institutional roofing projects

Businesses and agencies often choose an architectural style to convey an image, theme or motif. A bank may choose to display a regal image, denoting its prosperous position. A government building might display the integrity of the leadership within by way of an architectural style. A corporation may show off its individuality by use of a distinct building design.



Because of its commitment to its specialty while maintaining a high level of versatility within that niche Century Slate, has been recruited to work on numerous commercial and institutional roofing projects. Such projects have in many instances been on buildings that have a true need to be extraordinary. These buildings have been built to stand out as places of interest to those who pass by. A sampling of such buildings include North Carolina’s Capitol Building in downtown Raleigh, numerous first Citizen’s Bank and Fidelity Bank branch offices, CarMax’s corporate headquarters, and Raleigh’s Old Health Building among Others. Some of the owners listed below won’t even think about allowing another roofing firm to work on their buildings.